Branding: It’s Your Identity System

Branding: Your Identity System

At Anchor Marketing, we will create your corporate image and manage your brand at whatever level of detail you prefer.   Below are the key areas for Brand Guidelines that we can help you develop, and then will maintain whenever we are handling a project for you.  This Identity System defines your brand and is the “Anchor” of your Image.

Your Client Promise:  This is your mission: the meaning and purpose of your business and what you guarantee to provide with your service.  It has to be direct and have passion in order to be compelling and build trust.  This philosophy is important for us to know and understand, so that we can visually express those core values in the products and services we provide.

Strategy:  The absolute rules, structure & protocol for execution.

Voice: Points to follow for writing & verbiage.  ie: formal, casual, friendly, trendy, etc.

Style Guide: What is appropriate and accepted, what is not. This includes products and services, nomenclature, trademarks, etc.  ie: spacing around logo, between lines, etc.

Legal: Disclosures, terminology for disclaimers – define when these are necessary.

Logo:  Define all versions in color and black and white, and reverses; Rank them in order of preference and default.  Integrity levels: consider all mediums, what is the acceptable orientation.

Color System: What is the approved color palette?

Backgrounds:  includes colors and imagery on web, papers, fabrics, materials

Typography: Defining the fonts, which family/versions are acceptable

People: Photography Style, rules for expressions, dress, environment

SuperGraphics:  These are the icons or elements used to enhance the logo and any collateral; They keep interest while holding brand recognition.  Examples: screens, symbols, parts of logo.

Mastheads: These are the shells or templates that are the basis for collateral and or web pages.

Website: Must follow all brand guidelines!

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