We store and ship your branded inventory for you

Short on storage space? Anchor Marketing Services can warehouse your branded inventory for you. We'll even ship or deliver your products to you or your clients nationwide and around the world, just when and where you need them. Our warehouse managers keep an accurate count of all items and send you an update with every adjustment you make. How easy is that?

Let us handle your Incentive Programs

Everyone loves to receive a gift, especially when they are being recognized and appreciated for a job well done! Take the hassle out of packing, storing, assembling, and shipping. Anchor Marketing Services can store items at all price points for different achievement levels. We can even kit items together for an impressive thank you gift, then ship them to those employees or sales representatives who meet or exceed your expectations. Pack a gym bag together with a branded sport towel, water bottle, and a stretch band! Send out branded tech items like charging stations, power banks, and wireless headphones all together. Anchor Marketing Services can set up monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly incentive programs and send your branded warehoused inventory to those who qualify. Just supply us with the winners' information and we'll take care of the rest. We'll pick, pack, and ship the prizes directly to their home or office. Reward the best and they'll all work even harder for the next round!

  • Tote
  • backpack
  • tracker
  • mug

  • mug2

  • backpack2

Selected Promotional and Incentive Items we can Warehouse for You

  • cooler

  • pop-ups

  • padded notebook

  • tote-LC

  • packaged-pad-pen-balm